Earlier today, the DROID DNA disappeared from VZW's site. This, combined with all the Verizon-bound HTC One rumors, prompted some in the Android community to wonder whether such a One variant is almost upon us - after all, why would Big Red take down one of its most powerful smartphones so suddenly? The vanishing act didn't last long, however, as the DNA just returned, seemingly alive and well:


It's unclear at this point whether the phone was briefly missing by mistake or Verizon put it back because people noticed, but we've reached out to the media relations team to find out and will update this space if they respond (which is unlikely to happen before Monday). Until then, go ahead and return to your scheduled programming - the revolution will not be televised just yet.

P.S. It's interesting to note that the phone ID got switched from 6103 to 6691, which points to some changes in VZW's internal database. Whether this means anything or not remains to be seen.

P.P.S. While the DNA has returned, the LG Lucid vanished into thin air and is no longer available for purchase. Poof, gone. The Lucid 2 is likely going to replace it very soon. (Existing owners, don't fret - the Lucid support page is still alive.)

Update: Verizon confirmed to us that this was nothing more than an internal change on the site.

Source: Verizon Wireless