Nothing brings a smile to my face like the words "Tablet Optimized," and thanks to SoundHound, I'll be walking around with a little grin all day long. The music recognition service has updated its Android app to include a fully realized tablet UI and a few other performance enhancements. Here are a few screenshots for comparison (taken on my Nexus 7):

2013-03-29 04.14.372013-03-29 04.15.04


2013-03-29 04.19.132013-03-29 04.18.56


The new tablet UI replaces the boring stretched out rows with drag-able lines of large cover art, making much better use of space on the main screen, discovery, and song pages. In landscape mode, history and bookmarks now stack songs into two columns instead of one, but appear otherwise unchanged.

While the tablet layout is getting most of the attention in this version, phone users have something to smile about, too. The changelog also promises better scrolling through history and to make music recognition even faster. SoundHound is also building on its connection with Rdio to provide full song playback and better music discovery options.

In 5.3:
Improved Tablet Application!

  • Optimized for medium and large tablets
  • Visually stunning music discovery
  • See LiveLyrics, the newest way to experience lyrics as they magically move in sync with the song
  • Explore charts, albums and artists with graphic imagery
  • Streamlined sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Easily purchase the songs you love

Phone updates:

  • Find your songs quickly with SoundHound's even faster music recognition!
  • Scroll through history more easily

Overall, the changes aren't mind-blowing, but they do make for a nicer tablet experience, especially on 10-inch screens. SoundHound is already one of the more attractive apps for Android, so little tweaks to the layout are usually preferable to major overhauls. The new version is already live on the Play Store and will be available on the Amazon Appstore soon.

Via: BusinessWire