Cylons. The Terminator. Gort. Johnny 5. Science fiction seems more than a little obsessed with the idea of murderous automatons, and with good reason: it works. Newcomer developer Uppercut Games has taken the trope to mobile gaming with EPOCH, a post-apocalyptic shooter that does away with the humans altogether (to make room for more robots). The Unreal Engine powers this graphical beast, and it's available for $4.99 for all devices - or at least the ones that can handle it.

The gameplay is a curious mix of the cover-based, over-the-shoulder shooting that's become so common in the console world and reactive, gesture-driven combat, a la Infinity Blade. You control a single android who's always behind cover, jumping up to shoot, ducking down to hide and reload, and zipping around the landscape like a diesel-powered ninja. The game's story spans ten stages, though you'll probably need to replay them a few times at higher difficulties to advance. Killing other robots lets you upgrade your own frame and weapons.

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The Unreal 3 engine is put to good work here, as in games like Real Boxing and Wild Blood. While the game will install on anything running Gingerbread or higher, you'll want at least a Tegra 3/Snapdragon S4 processor or better to get full access to the visual splendor.

Price: $0.99+