We've watched this project grow from a once-unfunded Kickstarter campaign to a highly-anticipated beast of a gaming console. If you've been kicking yourself over the last several months for not getting behind the Kickstarter campaign and are counting the days until you can grab this Android-powered box-o-fun from a retail shop, the day is drawing near. According to tonight's announcement from GDC, the device will hit shelves in virtual and physical stores across the country on June 4th.


As promised, the built-for-gaming rig will hit the scene for $99 at outlets like Amazon (where it's already available for pre-order), Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and of course, on Ouya's site. If you want to pick up a spare (or secondary) controller while you're at it, that'll set you back a fifty spot.

Ouya has become "the little engine that could" of sorts in the Android world, so here's to wishing a bright, successful future for the unit, and the team who wants to change the way we think of both mobile and modern games.