Hot on the heels of Tasker's official 4.0 release which brings a Holo-styled UI for users on Android 4.0+, Crafty Apps has just dropped the price to $1.99. Normally priced at $6.49, this is the first time any of us can recall the popular automation app having ever been on sale.


If you haven't heard of Tasker, it has long stood as the most popular automation app for Android. While not the easiest to learn or the most user friendly, its power and flexibility remain mostly unrivaled, even becoming the platform to build a game.

There are no indications of how long the sale will last or if this may be a permanent price change, but we are reaching out to the developer for clarification. Either way, if you are at all interested in this super-charged app, hurry over to the Play Store ASAP!

Update: Pent, Tasker's developer, has responded to our inquiry with the following:

AP: Is $1.99 a permanent price drop or a sale? Do you have any details as far as when it would be over if it is a sale?

Tasker: I don't know yet, I'm just testing the water. I'd like more people to have the chance to use the app, but that has to be balanced against extra support work and how income is affected.


Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49