Iron Man 3 is coming out soon. If you haven't seen the trailers, suffice to say it's going to be awesome. It's the first Marvel movie featuring the main set of heroes after the Avengers took over the world's economy. Until it comes out, though, Gameloft wants to sate your appetite with the official Iron Man 3 game, an endless runner-style title that has fewer giant monkeys and more things going KERPLOW.

The gameplay trailer shows us much of how it works and it's all pretty standard fare. Gameloft has never been the developer to stray too far from the mainstream. However, "standard fare" is still a heck of a lot crazier when you throw Tony Stark in the mix. Whereas in games like Temple Run, you might dodge snakes, logs, and natives, here you're avoiding missiles, trains, and exploding buildings. Neat.

The game will come out on April 25th, which is a couple weeks before the movie proper is released in the U.S., but still about a week after the earliest release, which would be in New Zealand on April 18th.

Source: YouTube, Gameloft