We've all played the "Wait, who is that guy again?" or "What song is that?" while watching a movie. Now, with the latest update to the Play Movies app, if you want to get the answer to that question, all you have to do is press pause. Info cards will then pop up with face recognition of actors on screen, what other movies they're in, and what music you're hearing.



The feature only works on "supported movies" and it's a little unclear which ones those are (there doesn't seem to be any icon or indicator that shows whether any given movie in your library can show cards). However it seems to work on a number of popular titles. Unfortunately, it's only available in the U.S. right now.

Here's the full change log:

What's in this version:

On tablets, press pause to discover actors, related films, and even what song is playing. Look for movies with the info cards badge. US only.
Search across your library and the Play Store for movies & TV shows.
Receive notifications for new TV show episodes if you've purchased the season.
Select the "refresh" option in the overflow menu to checks for any updates to the library.
Now available in India!

As if that wasn't enough, though, Play Movies & TV is now available in India and Mexico. The former of which is confirmed in the release notes above, and the latter by some helpful readers and Google itself. As you can see from the screenshots below, the service is now alive and kicking south of the border.

mexico2 mexico1

All in all, this is a pretty huge update today. The new actor recognition feature competes a little bit with Amazon's X-Ray service announced with the last round of Kindle Fires, and of course the Play Store international onslaught continues. Google isn't messing around.

Thanks, Luis!

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