Google Keep, the app that Goog sprung as (almost) a surprise recently, is interesting. Its functionality is undoubtedly handy, and – if Google chooses to pursue the service in earnest – it could actually be a decent competitor to other note taking apps like Evernote.

Something else has had us interested though, and that's Keep's UI and UX. There are a few weird things going on, but one stuck out: what is that serif font? The font, for those who don't know, appears only in some parts of the app. Notably, it comprises the text of every note. This is only the case for the mobile app, however.


Turning to our resident tearer down of all things Google, I asked Ron if he could see what the font was. Not only was Ron able to deduce the name of the font, but it turns out that Google actually shipped four fonts with keep, all under the moniker Roboto Slab (thin, light, regular, and bold). Here's a quick comparison with the sans-serif Roboto we all know and love:



The font is almost like Roboto, but – obviously – is not sans serif. The font doesn't appear anywhere else yet. This writer has his own ideas about the capacity in which it may exist in the future, but for now it's a Keep exclusive and – luckily – one you can download for your own use immediately. Just hit one of the links below and enjoy.

Thanks Ron!