When Roman Nurik's DashClock Widget hit the scene right at six-weeks ago, it became a favorite widget for anyone on Android 4.2+ almost instantly. For good reason – it's one of the most powerful, customizable, and best-looking widgets we've seen in quite a long while. Adding to its already-impressive functionality, there have also been a slew of extensions show up, making it even more powerful.

If you've been curious what's in store for DashClock on an official level, though, Nurik recently took to Google+ to talk about fixes and new features, as well as show off Daydream support for an upcoming build.

Update: Version 1.5 of the beta build with Daydream support is live.

While that particular feature likely won't be implemented until v1.5, Nurik is also working towards a small update to v1.4.3, which should include more translations and a few bug fixes. Here's a shortlist of features that should make their way into upcoming builds, though it's been noted we may not see all of them until after Google I/O 2013:

• Add more translations (there's quite a backlog, thanks to all translation volunteers!)
• Fix bugs related to all-day events
• Fix date localization issues
• API improvements (v2)
• Improved weather using the Wunderground API (although I'm not at all sure how quota's going to work)
• A Daydream

But there's more good news: if you want to check out any of the new features before they show up in the stable build, Nurik has released a beta version of the app, which can be found here. Otherwise, if you haven't yet tried DashClock, hit the widget below.

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DashClock Widget
DashClock Widget