Update 3/23/13: The deal is back yet again today.

Update 12/01/12: It's back one more time.

That headline seem oddly familiar? It should, because the same seller had an identical deal going about a week ago. And now it's back.


For today only, you can get a brand new, in box 32GB Nexus 7 for $229 shipped. That's your price out the door - unless you live in New Jersey, that is. In that case, you'll also have to fork over some sales tax. Sorry, guys.

Still, that's quite a bit cheaper than you'll get it directly from Google. So, you should probably go head and hop on this one - once they're gone, they're gone.

Unless it comes back again next week, of course.


32GB Nexus 7 from eBay Daily Deals

[Thanks, Jason!]