Yesterday, Google added support for audio playlists and media controls to Google Currents. We thought this sounded like a pretty neat feature, and, hey! We're on Google Currents! So why not put two and two together? Today we updated our Currents edition to include a feed of our audio podcast and it's actually kind of beautiful. Take a look:

2013-03-21 13.56.32 2013-03-21 13.56.44 2013-03-21 13.56.57

It was possible to add audio before, but it wasn't quite this nice. The feed works on both phones and tablets. Just open up the Android Police edition, tap the drop down that will initially say "Articles", tap on "Podcast" and boom! A feed of every podcast episode. You can listen within the app itself or, if you leave, audio controls will pop up in the notification shade which automatically makes this easier to use than listening to music on Spotify (seriously guys, get it together).

We'll be back with our next episode tonight, Thursday at 8PM EST, right here. Once the edited version is uploaded by the long-suffering Bob Severns, it will show up in the app. So, have at it!

The app was not found in the store. :-(