There's no denying that wearable tech seems to be where it's at among industry analysts. Indeed, the concept of wearable devices separate from smartphones and tablets has piqued the interest of many would-be users. Pebble's smartwatch drew some pretty significant attention, and rumors of more advanced watches from both Samsung and Apple have fueled buzz for several weeks.

We've also, of course, heard rumblings about a Google smartwatch (remember that watch patent the PTO granted Google late last year?). The question remains whether Google would venture into a second wearable device (in addition to Glass), but – according to Financial Times – there's reason to believe that not only is the Google watch real, it's being developed by the search giant's "Android unit."


Of course, this information comes from "a person briefed on the subject," and we all know how incredible Mr. Briefed can be some times.

So, does it make sense for Google to even make a smartwatch? While that's not necessarily a question any of us can answer, it would seem odd for Google to pursue two entirely different wearables simultaneously. That said, perhaps the search giant wants to bring to market a more mainstream (and wallet-friendly) device for those not ready to commit to the company's potentially revolutionary glasses. Additionally, a watch connected to your Android device could offer functionality that Glass couldn't, though the watch is expected to tie to your smartphone for data just like Glass.

Google predictably had nothing to say to FT about any extant smartwatch projects, but the patent mentioned earlier indicates the watch would have a "flip-up" display and a "tactile user interface," in addition to a camera and other sundries. For the full story, just hit the link below.

Source: Financial Times via The Verge