There isn't a phone on the planet that doesn't have at least a few bugs upon its release, but one such bug being reported by some Xperia Z owners is a doozie. The story goes that users are happily using their shiny new phone when it dies and refuses to wake up. Sony has finally chimed in online, saying the issue has been identified and a bug fix will roll out as part of the next software update.


Some folks say a hard restart fixes the issue, having resurrected their handsets multiple times. Other phones seem to be completely inoperable after just a single occurrence. The bug might have something to do with low battery charge, which isn't an unheard of issue with mobile devices. Although, still other Xperia Z owners say their phones had plenty of juice before going to that big mobile graveyard in the sky.

The Sony rep was unable to give a definite timeline for the software fix, but hopefully it won't be long. It is not clear if phones already bricked by the bug can be saved.

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