Did you enter 2013 with visions of eating healthily, becoming more active, and staying fit? Not so easy a few months down the line, is it? The good news is that Jawbone may have just provided you with that extra boost that you needed, as the UP app is finally available for Android.

On the surface, the Jawbone UP wristband is comparable to the Nike+ Fuelband, although with the app in tow it allows you to take a more holistic view, tracking your sleep patterns, looking at how you eat every day, and how much exercise you do.

UP-move UP-sleep UP-meal

The data regarding your daily exercise and sleep is stored within the wristband and will transfer to the app whenever you sync, but if you want to check your eating habits you'll have to put in a little bit of extra work. The app has a database of food and drink, and it also has a barcode scanner built-in, so you can scan everything that you eat if you want to get as much out of UP as possible.

The app is free, and available from the Play Store now, although you'll have to purchase the wristband ($129.99 in the US, £99.99 in the UK) from the Jawbone website in order to use it.

UP - Requires UP/UP24/UP MOVE
UP - Requires UP/UP24/UP MOVE
Developer: Jawbone
Price: Free

Source: Jawbone