If you're a user of Vonage's mobile app, it just got a bit more interesting. As of the most recent update, you can now video conference with other Vonage Mobile customers for no additional charge. While that's a nice addition in itself, the coolest part is that you can transition between voice and video calling on-the-fly. Basically, that means you can switch from voice to video – and vice-versa – without ever leaving the call. That's pretty rad in itself.

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The updated app's address book will also display which of your contacts have the feature, so you'll know who can video chat at a glance. If you or someone you know uses Vonage Mobile, the app's definitely worth a look (or second look if you didn't like it the first go around). Hit the widget to give it a shot.

Vonage Mobile® Call Video Text
Vonage Mobile® Call Video Text
Developer: Vonage
Price: Free

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