Oh, Verizon. The company we all love to hate (aside from AT&T). You push updates ridiculously late all the time, have to Droidify every handset that comes your way, and charge ridiculously high prices. Still, we just can't stay away. It's the LTE – you know that, right? We love the LTE coverage, so we deal with all the crap.


When it comes to dealing with Verizon's crap, I can't say that any phone has gotten a worse hand than the Galaxy Nexus. Well, except maybe the Droid Bionic. Or Charge. But I digress – this isn't a contest to see which phone was treated the worst. Instead, it's a celebration, because Verizon's Nexus is finally joining the rest of the current-gen Nexus clan on Android 4.2.2. Exciting times for Verizon customers, no?

The update – which leaked out a few weeks ago – started rolling out today according to Verizon's official blog. It should be rolling out in phases, so if it hasn't hit your device yet, don't stress out. It will be there. Eventually.