Sometimes, the modern world is just too much, you know? Video recording glasses and self-aware phones. It makes you miss the old days where when someone made you upset, you didn't bicker with them on Twitter. You just ran them through with your sword. That's the escapist fantasy that DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom offers. The game is set in a medieval time when monsters roam the land and you have to gut them to win loot.

The graphics are impeccable and the gameplay is engaging. You play as the third-person hero of the kingdom, swinging your sword around, leveling up skills and bashing around imps and goblins. There are a couple issues with menus and tutorials not rendering  properly on a 10" tablet that I noticed in the brief time I played it out, but phone players should be fine.

devildark1 devildark2 devildark3

The game is free to play and, predictably, comes with some in-app-purchases for acquiring items that augment the developers' income. It seems like they're easy enough to avoid, though, so no worries. You can grab DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom via the widget below.