Verizon has very surprisingly been killing it lately with Jelly Bean updates for various devices. Today, the Droid 4 is joining the pack with an imminent upgrade to Android 4.1. The rollout hasn't begun just yet, but support docs have shown up on the carriers website indicating that the update will be 'Coming Soon.'


Of course, the major benefits of Android 4.1 are obvious: access to Google Now (which can be updated directly from the Play Store after that), improved voice controls, expandable notifications, and voice transcription even when you don't have a data connection. Verizon has also improved connectivity with the mobile hotspot app and no longer includes Sling and MOG as preloaded applications, so you can remove those if you'd like. Just a reminder, though, that even for those pre-installed apps that can't be removed entirely, Google added the ability to disable them in Ice Cream Sandwich.

No word yet on when the OTA will begin, but at least we now know it's on its way.

Source: Verizon