When I was a kid, I always dreamed of having dark hair, wearing a cow skull on my head, and running through a magical land of swinging hammers, random cliffs, floating platforms of land, other areas of extreme peril. Alas, I'm bald, have no bulls to speak of, and this magical land I've dreamed of for so long is nowhere to be found. Just when I thought my lifelong dream was a bust, we stumbled across MANUGANU. The similarities to my childhood wishlist are uncanny. Just take a look:

There are even giant mushrooms to bounce off of! I didn't even think of that.

The game, which comes from the same developer who brought us Gravity Project, is a 3D side-scrolling runner with a unique twist: a "halt" button. So it's a runner with a stop button, which actually adds a lot to the playability of the game.

Manuganu features 30 different levels, a combination of buttons and swiping gesture controls, alternate hidden paths (for replayability), and more. Best of all? It's free – you just have to deal with occasional ad between levels. Hit the widget to give it a shot.

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Developer: Alper Sarıkaya
Price: Free