When the entire world (read: Verizon and AT&T in the U.S.) switched to tiered data packages instead of unlimited all the things!, at least 64% of customers panicked. Now where will I get my 35GB of data each month?! was a common quandary that needed to be solved. AT&T has the answer with its new plans.


If you're the type who needs umpteen geebees of data from your wireless carrier, you can satisfy this necessity for the low price of $300 for 30GB, $400 for 40GB, or $500 for 50GB, plus applicable smartphone, tablet, or other connected device fees, of course. Thankfully all these plans come with unlimited voice and text.

As cynical as this post has been thus far, though, there is one good use for these [still overpriced] plans: businesses. For the small- or medium-sized business, forking over $500 + $30 per smartphone may not sound too over the top to keep all employees connected. But I still somehow doubt that will be the case.

To find out more about AT&T's news plans, head here.