On last week's podcast, the question "HTC One or Galaxy S4?" came up, and was posed to each host. We all made our call, and now it's your turn. While I know many of you have no interest in either of these phones, today's question is not what your ideal phone is, but given a choice between them - which would you get? And no, 'neither' is not an option.

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Each phone has its advantages and disadvantages - that's clear. The One is a beautiful piece of design with a few hardware tricks up its sleeve - dual front-facing speakers, a novel rear camera, and all aluminum chassis. The Galaxy S4 has a big 5" SAMOLED display, a boatload of new software features, removable battery, and a microSD card slot. There are likely dozens of other reasons to choose one over the other - but that's what you're here for. Sound off in the comments with the reasoning behind your choice.

HTC One, or Galaxy S4?

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