Two things for Kansas City residents who have Google Fiber: one, I still hate you. Two, Google just released its Fiber app for more devices that the lone Nexus 7 you received as part of the Fiber package. You know, just in case you're tired of reaching for one of the best Android tablets on the market just to change your TV channels. It's a hard-knock life.

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According to the Play Store listing, the app should work on any 4.1+ device, but Fiber's Google+ post tells a different story, stating that it requires 4.2. Hard to say, really – you'll just have to install it on a 4.1 device and see if it works. Feel free to let us know how that goes. Looks like the Fiber team indeed made a little mistake and the app is available for 4.1+ devices.

Aside from that, the changelog states that the app has a "re-designed user interface for simpler browse, search and discover your favorite content," as well as improved Wi-Fi connectivity. If you're lucky enough to have Fiber, head below to get the app on more than the N7.

Fiber TV
Fiber TV
Developer: Google Fiber Inc.
Price: Free