Update: It's official. Samsung Just Officially Unveiled 'The Next Big Thing' – Come Meet The Galaxy S4!

The next Galaxy's unveiling is finally upon us at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific tonight, March 14th. Come back to this page a few minutes early to watch the event stream live as well as follow our live blog. Don't forget to bring a snack - it'll likely go for well over an hour.

We may have already discovered some of the features and a possible look of the S IV, but there's always a chance that the leaks we've been seeing, which all came from the same dual-SIM device in China, aren't actually representative of the final hardware. The specs are probably final, but the build... this is going to be the most interesting, and possibly surprising, part of the event.

We've enabled ScribbleLive comments once again so that you can comment on every sentence and picture. See you on the other side soon.

Update: Here's the full replay of the Unpacked event: