As a cycle enthusiast, I've often used My Tracks to keep track of distance traveled, route, and time spent on each ride. And while we all thought it was a dead project for a long while (it was one of the first Android apps, after all), it received a much-needed facelift back in September of 2012, which brought a new record interface, better widget, and pause/resume functionality. Fast-forward to today, and another small-but-useful update has been pushed to the app.

Screenshot_2013-03-14-11-09-13 Screenshot_2013-03-14-11-08-54 Screenshot_2013-03-14-11-09-35

Today's update is more about function than form, as it brings improved sync and sharing features:

What's in this version:

- sync with Google Drive
- share via Google Drive
- view tracks shared with me
- import kml files
- add lock screen widget
- send Google feedback

The biggest addition here has to be Drive sync, as it keeps all tracks and other relevant info stored in one place. Otherwise, improved support for shared tracks and the lockscreen widget are always nice additions to have on such a fantastic and long-running app.

The app was not found in the store. :-(