With the Galaxy S IV launching tomorrow, it seems like Samsung is unable to stunt the flow of the internet leak machine (unlike last year): more Galaxy S IV case designs have shown up on the web today, and these ones seem to match up with some of the more convincing leaks we've seen thus far.

mobilefuns4cases-2 (1)

The new cases bear a striking resemblance in shape and camera / speaker / port layout to the leaked Chinese photos of what is allegedly a Galaxy S IV. Samsung's own teaser image also has the same basic silhouette.

nexusae0_27 nexusae0_37 nexusae0_BFHlbV1CcAAcPc11

While there's no way to be certain until tomorrow, the leaked Chinese photos are looking more and more to be the real deal - sounds like the S IV won't be getting a major stylistic refresh this time around. From a business standpoint, that makes some sense, as Samsung probably wants this new device to evoke its most successful smartphone to date. It's also logical from a product development standpoint. Like many tech companies (such as Apple and Intel), Samsung may be setting itself up for a "tick-TOCK" release cycle, with major overhauls coming every two years, and a more incremental release in-between. Screenshots suggests the software won't be undergoing any major aesthetic changes, either.

We'll be finding out if that's the case soon enough.

Thanks, Steve Sy.