Yes, Falcon Pro is still kicking after temporarily running out of Twitter auth tokens last month. The developer has just updated the app with a feature he promised in the wake of tokengate: widgets. There are a few other changes, but man.. look at how widget-y those widgets are!

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Falcon Pro was previously dependent on the Falcon widget for home screen interaction. That setup gets the job done, but requires two process to be running and updating the feed simultaneously. These new Falcon Pro components also feel much more responsive than the Falcon widget. The Falcon Pro widgets come as a scrollable feed or a quick actions bar. The scrollable option can be resized to complement a tablet or phone layout. There are also three different themes for the widgets. Here's the full list of changes:

  • New : Customizable Scrollable widget [Android 3+]
  • New : Quick Action widget
  • New : Translate Tweet
  • New : 3 widgets background styles, customizable text and link colors
  • New : Customizable link colors for app
  • New : Edit profile picture & Bio
  • Improved sharing, now accepts text with image
  • Fixed unread count ignoring mutes

You can still buy Falcon Pro from Google Play for $1.99, but make your decision soon. No telling when those Twitter tokens will be used up again.

The app was not found in the store. :-(