Streaming internet radio is far from a new concept, but if you're a doubleTwist user who longs to journey outside the realm of your personal collection, it has previously required the use of another service, like Pandora or Spotify. If, like me, it's your druthers to unify everything, today brings about some good news: doubleTwist now has its own built-in streaming radio.


Dubbed Magic Radio, the service takes your existing collection and essentially builds off of it to give you more music that you love. Much like with competing services, you can create stations based on specific tracks or genres of music, but dT takes discovery a step further with addition of "intelligent stations" that can find music based on keyword searches, like "Brazilian music" or "Woodstock." Neat stuff.

The service is launching as part of the existing doubleTwist app with over 13 million songs in its library, all of which you can gain access to for $3.99 a month.