While Samsung often does do advertising right, I still don't really get what this Richie Rich-esque teaser trailer series for the Galaxy S IV is all about. Part 1 was unveiled last week, and today we've been treated to the second installment of A Boy Named Jeremy and a Cardboard Box That Says 'Unpacked' On It.


I'm guessing Jeremy and his mystical, light-producing parcel will be part of the official Galaxy S IV unveiling in New York later this week, and that there will be antics involved.

Oh, and the phone is apparently Jeremy's favorite color. One can only assume it's that classic Madeira Red his chauffeured Rolls Royce Phantom is sporting (I believe it's a standard wheelbase model). The real question for me, though: will the phone come with a matching set of 21" chromed alloys? Samsung, I wait with bated breath.