I've been using (and loving) Google's Chrome browser daily on my laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet for quite some time now. Heck, I'd probably install it on my toaster if it were possible. And despite any of the complaints I routinely hear about Chrome's mobile iteration (ahem, where's the "full screen" option, again?), there are a few great reasons I keep it on all my devices.

Touching on each and every one of those, the Google Chrome YouTube channel today uploaded a one-minute ad spot touting the fact that Chrome is "For Everyone, Now Everywhere," and can enhance your life with auto-filled addresses, remembered passwords, and cross-device sync. Ultimately, the ad asserts, "Chrome has you covered" on your phone, tablet, and laptop. All of this is accomplished to the catchy tune of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

The ad is a bit of a departure from Chrome's other touchier, feelier adverts, but it's simple, and that works.