Back in the day, when I was using a Nexus One, custom launchers were all the rage on Android - not using one was strange. And when I had a DROID BIONIC, I still found myself using my go-to option - ADW.ex - most of the time. Today, though, my primary device is a Galaxy Note II, and I haven't had the urge to use a custom launcher for a moment since using it. The NatureUX launcher may not be particularly pretty, but it's highly functional, and rock-solid stable.

About a year ago, we asked you what your custom launcher situation was - that is, are you using one? The vast majority of you said yes. A year later, I'm curious how much that's changed, if at all.

Most of the phones I've reviewed in the last year, too, have not rekindled my desire to return to a custom solution. Big manufacturers like LG and Samsung are starting to get what a modern, functional launcher should include.

Still, custom launchers offer a vastly greater degree of tweakability than even the most feature-rich OEM software on the market. And for some people, that's very, very important. Take our own Artem Russakovskii, for example, whom I believe would rather part with one of his fingers than sacrifice the ability to customize his homescreen's grid size.

I sit at the opposite end of that spectrum: as long as it's smooth and has the basic features I desire, I'm happy. In all honesty, I love Samsung's NatureUX launcher, because it's the fastest I've ever used, hands down.

So, what about you - are you still using a custom launcher on your primary device? If you're running a custom ROM and using the ROM's stock launcher, please vote "no."

Note: I've kept the options the same as our previous poll on this topic.

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