I don't know about you, but it's my dream that one day I can completely ditch my cable company for an a la carte solution where I only get the channels I actually want. I feel like we're edging that way at a snail's pace, even though most streaming channels still require cable service before they'll offer up shows on mobile.

The latest to join this trend is FOX, with its FOX NOW app. The name may actually sound familiar, as it actually hit the Play Store a few weeks ago. At the time, however, it only offered a second-screen experience and the like.

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Now, though, customers of Verizon Fios and Mediacom can enjoy streaming FOX content directly on their smartphones (sorry guys, it doesn't look like this one's available for tablets). According to the changelog, the company is also working with other cable providers to add access in the future.

If you're already a customer of one of the aforementioned services, hit the widget below to check it out.