I readily admit that I'm not exactly on board with the notion that every Android app should conform to 'holo' aesthetics, or Android's 'design guidelines.' I think that such a view is inherently limiting to the creativity of developers, and ignores the fact that while there are many objectively bad ways to do software UI/UX, there are nearly as many good ways, too. And lest we forget: even Google doesn't always get these things right.

So, Uber (a taxi service that is revolutionizing the business, if you've not heard of it) updated its app to version 2.0 today, and the result? It looks and feels amazing.

SCR_2013-03-07-14-49-26 SCR_2013-03-07-14-49-31 SCR_2013-03-07-14-49-35

SCR_2013-03-07-14-51-11 SCR_2013-03-07-14-52-32 SCR_2013-03-07-14-53-00

Now, you may be quite ready to point out that this looks exactly like Uber's iOS app. And it does. And I am 100% OK with that (alright, maybe a different map pin would be acceptable), because it looks absolutely fantastic regardless of what platform it's on. It's beautifully designed, and the various animations - even the splash screen that fades into view when the app launches - are all gorgeous. I want more apps like this in my life right now.

Head to the Play Store to check it out, because even if you don't need a taxi, this app is a master class in UI and UX design worth gawking at. Developers - take notice.

Price: Free