Owners of LG's Verizon-connected Intuition (otherwise known as the Optimus Vu) would be well-advised to avoid an update that began rolling out recently. The short version of this story is that the update is wreaking havoc on handsets –users who have already accepted the update are reporting constant app errors, an inability to connect to the Play Store, camera/gallery failure, and more. You can read users' impassioned responses to the flawed firmware here, here, and here.


It should be noted that although some users report total loss of photos and contacts, user files should still be present on the device. It appears that the update's bug(s) cause the disappearance of the camera and/or gallery app, but will not actually delete your data.

So, where's the fix? Neither Verizon nor LG have officially spoken out about the issue at the time of writing, but one user reports that a Verizon store rep indicated a date of March 15th for a follow-up update. Has your Intuition been affected by the evidently flawed 4.0.4 update? We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Thanks, Steve