Love 'em or hate 'em, successful franchises will keep coming back. This is especially true when they make for great movie crossovers like Temple Run: Brave and Angry Birds Star Wars. And now, the returning champion of endless runners is back with a new entry, Temple Run: Oz. This is, of course, a mash-up with Disney's new movie Oz the Great and Powerful, opening in theaters on March 8th.


Disney and Imangi Studios take us on a tour of the Yellow Brick Road where great peril is around every corner. You are in control of Oz as he runs, jumps, and slides to avoid obstacles while staying ahead of the Wicked Witch's flying baboons. The adventure may start on an old yellowed path, but it quickly turns towards dark forests, crumbling bridges, and even goes above the clouds in a hot-air balloon. The graphics look pretty good and the backdrops are wonderful. It's almost sad that you'll be too focused on the game to enjoy the scenery.

As in previous Temple Run games, swiping across the screen and tilting your device will maneuver Oz on his desperate dash. Unfortunately, the shooting mechanism of Brave is gone, but Oz does add something of a mini-game with the balloon ride. Once in the basket, players simply tilt to steer the vessel into rows of coins. Not only will players rack up the riches - this allows for a pleasant moment to relax before returning to land.

Of course, this is still just another Temple Run game. There is no story to speak of and no real goals other than running as far as you can. Some people are huge fans of endless runners while others dislike almost everything about them. Like previous entries in the Temple Run series, there are enough in-app purchase options that it's easy to guess how The Royal Treasure of Oz grew to be so large. If a player takes advantage of any IAPs, they can acquire gems, for use during the game, or coins to purchase power-ups, abilities, and utilities from the store. If you can't wait to break in your virtual running shoes, get over to the Play Store where Temple Run: Oz is available for $0.99.

Temple Run: Oz
Temple Run: Oz
Developer: Disney
Price: $1.99+