We love a good portable charger deal, and when we stumbled on this SlickDeals post with a rebate code for the TekNmotion Powermotion 12000mAh charger, it was too good not to share. To take advantage of the deal, just enter the rebate code 'MLCY06RN' at checkout to take an additional $20 off, and you'll have yourself a 12000mAh portable charger for just $54.99 shipped (plus tax, if applicable).


So, why should you get this charger specifically? Aside from just looking kind of awesome, it has LED charge status indicators (in 25% increments), and two 2 amp USB outputs - perfect for charging both tablets and Android smartphones. There's also a 9-12V DC socket for charging gizmos that still use the standard, and a whole boatload of charging tips and several cables included in the package. The only drawback is that this TekNmotion device does not charge itself via micoUSB, so you'll probably want to lug the DC adaptor with you in case it runs out of juice. Then again, you may not need to considering 12000mAh is enough to charge up a Note II almost 4 times.

Meritline via SlickDeals