It's the start of a new month, so you know what that means: time to look at the rise and fall of Android versions over the last four weeks. This month's numbers continue to look promising, with Gingerbread and ICS steadily sliding downhill and Jelly Bean continuing its climb to the top:


Update: Looks like El Goog made a tiny error in the chart, as it's just updated the page to reflect a minor difference: Froyo is actually on 7.5% of handsets, and Gingerbread is on 44.1%. Guess that's where the extra 0.2% came from.


So, let's compare these numbers to last month's. For starters, Gingerbread dropped 1.2%, from 45.4% to 44.2%. The quicker we can make Gingerbread at thing of the past, the better we'll all be – unfortunately that's not going to happen anytime soon, especially considering most low-end pre-paid phones are still shipping with the OS. Time to upgrade even the cheapest phones, manufacturers!

Past that, ICS dropped a measly 0.4%. I guess that's good in that phones are being updated to Jelly Bean, but we'd all like to see the adoption of 4.1+ happen just a little bit quicker. Speaking of, Jelly Bean is now up by nearly 3% from last month, which is the biggest jump we saw this go around. That's good!

So, the long and short of it is this: Jelly bean is getting more popular, suggesting that manufacturers are pushing somewhat-timely updates (in no small part to Samsung, I imagine). Gingerbread and ICS are on the way out the door, and the future is looking bright.

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