At this point in the smartphone wars, it's not enough to build an awesome handset. You need to market it. That's the trouble that the One X had last year and the One faces this year. Well, so far the One has opened with its initial shots of BoomSound®, Ultrapixels and Zoe. So, what is Samsung returning fire with? A small, blonde-haired boy named Jeremy.


For those unable to watch the video at work (thanks for spending your time with us instead of doing your job), here's the gist: a young boy's butler drives him to a board room where he is told he will be the "secret messenger" for the Galaxy S IV by a title screen. Then, a very official-looking executive brings out a box and lets him peek inside, whereupon said box blasts him in the face with flesh-melting radiation before fade to black.

Of course, because advertisements are entire movies these days, the video includes a to-be-continued-style teaser for the next teaser. We see that possessing such a terrible secret is taking its toll on young Jeremy as the girl next door yells at him from outside his house claiming "I know you got something there, Jeremy Maxwell!" Presumably, this little girl works for the Wall Street Journal, which would explain how they get those wonderful scoops.

Despite having zero information about the product itself, a questionable plot, hammy acting (even from the adults) and a Macaulay Culkin lookalike, this ad campaign will probably do very well to drum up interest from the average Joe. There's nothing people like more than "to be continued" or family-friendly ads. Something Google has learned very quickly.

Source: YouTube