It's no secret that we're big fans of gReader here at AP, and the latest beta makes us love it even more, as it brings a complete UI overhaul to the application. The dev has redesigned the app to follow the Android Design Guidelines, so it's all Holo-ed out. And it looks fantastic.

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As you can see, the new interface ditches the dark-ish theme to go with Holo light, which looks great and feels faster and more fluid. The overall layout of the app hasn't changed that much, with most buttons remaining in the same place as they were before. The feed and view buttons have been combined into one, which makes the action bar looks less cluttered. It also has the sliding navigation menu on phones, which can be accessed with a simple right-swipe while in the feed view.

There are also a few new, albeit minor, tweaks in the app. For example, when you mark a feed as read, it now automatically advances to the next feed instead of the feed list. In turn, this makes reading through all feeds faster and more efficient. We love faster and more efficient, so that gets a big thumbs up on our end.

The developer hopes to release an update to the Play Store within a few days, as he's still working on smoothing out some of the animations on tablets. If you'd like to give the beta a go to see what it's all about, however, you can grab it right here.