Oh, Rovio, Rovio. Whatfore art thou doing, Rovio? The last few games the company has produced have not managed to regain the same amount of public attention that Angry Birds did. In fact, Bad Piggies only stayed in the top 20 by revenue spots for 5 weeks in the U.S. (iOS), compared to 22 months for Angry Birds. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that the developers have fallen back on their old failsafe: making games for kids' CGI movies. And hey, why not start with Nicolas Cage playing a paranoid caveman?

...Sure, why not?

All we have right now is the above trailer. The full game will come out on March 14th. As per many Rovio teasers, we don't really see much of the gameplay. There are a few seconds towards the end where we see something resembling an actual game on a simulated phone and tablet, but it's quickly destroyed as a cave man punches the display. Now we've gotta buy two new devices. Thanks, Nicolas Cage.

We can expect to hear more about this game on March 14th when it lands. Stay tuned.

Source: Rovio