"I will not buy them, Sam I am, I will not buy overpriced interactive books from the Play Store." If that's your version of a Seuss classic, then prepare yourself for all the green eggs and ham that you can handle: Oceanhouse Media has knocked the price of 35 different Dr. Seuss books down by 30-75%. For those who may not have made the association, that's over a month's worth of bed time stories for your little ones. Or yourself. No judgment here.


According to Oceanhouse, the sale is good for "this week only." Except, it's Friday. So, we're not sure if they meant this weekend only, or if the deal will run through next Friday. Either way, if you get all the good ones (read: all of them) today or tomorrow, you should be safe.

Hit the link below to check out all the available titles.

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.