In our lifetime, there have been many great battles. Mario vs. Bowser. Vampires vs. Werewolves.  Jason vs. Teenagers. Tyler Durden vs. Himself. 

While those may be the tales that define this era, there is one that lays alone in the shadows, covered in blood, and with a dedication to violence: Alien vs. Predator. And now you can define the outcome with Fox Digital's new game, AVP: Evolution.


The Aliens, extra terrestrial beasts with a bloodlust only surpassed by their agility and speed, have been taken as slaves by the fearsome and technologically brutal Super Predators. The thing is, the Aliens are pretty pissed about it, because they don't like being enslaved. Can't really say I blame them, even if I am Team Predator.

The Super Predators, however, are looking to use the Aliens as a weapon against the Jungle Hunter Predator Clan. So, really the game should be called Alien vs. Predator vs. Predator vs. Alien. Because that's kind of how it is: the Super Predators want to kill the Jungle Predators, who want to kill the Aliens so the Super Predators can't use them as weapons. All the while the Aliens want to kill all the Predators, because they don't like being slaves and they hold grudges. It's like a bizarre love triangle that has nothing to do with love at all. So it's just a triangle. With hate and violence. It's a bizarre hate and violence triangle.

Screenshot_2013-02-28-10-04-56 Screenshot_2013-02-28-10-05-54 Screenshot_2013-02-28-10-06-23

But I digress. The game, which was produced by Angry Mob games (Muffin Knight, Guerilla Bob), is now in the Play Store for $5. You get to choose which side you play, and each experience is completely different. AVP features fully upgradable characters, several different gameplay environments, fantastic graphics (which are actually customizable in the settings menu), and even support for game controllers. Not bad for five bones.


Hit the widget to choose your side. (Hint: turn the brightness up before you start playing. Some of those arenas are pretty dark.)

AVP: Evolution
AVP: Evolution