Earlier this month, The Now Network pushed an update to its version of the Samsung Galaxy S III with a few small fixes in it. That update was build L710VPMA6. Today, the company is sending another update to the Galaxy S III that is essentially the same update, plus one addition: 3rd party software licensing. This one's build L710VPMB1, will hit your device regardless of whether or nor you installed the previous update.

So, for those wondering, here's the full changelog:


  • Voicemail application update
  • SMS 3-digit support
  • Calendar sync issues
  • 3rd party software licensing

Per Sprint, "this is a new release of L710VPBMA6, but also includes additional 3rd party software licenses." We're not sure why the company decided to rehash a previous update with one additional feature (as opposed to sending that feature out on its own), but alas, that's what it did. At least you'll know what's going on when you install the update, anyway.