The Xperia E, Sony's low-end Jelly Bean-powered smartphone which was announced back in December may have another trick up its sleeve yet. The manufacturer is offering owners of the device the chance to test out Mozilla's fledgling Firefox OS on the device via a downloadable ROM. Meant for "advanced developers," the ROM comes with a few warnings from Sony, chiefly that you should know what you're doing before you get started.

The ROM is thus far labeled "experimental," and comes with its own set of limitations: for starters, there's no radio connectivity. This means no cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth capability. Additionally, the SD card "might be unstable" and touch screen sensitivity is not fully calibrated. In other words, it's no daily driver, as Sony itself warns.

That said, Sony's extension of the offer to developers is great for those curious about Mozilla's efforts, and those who are ready to dive into Firefox OS development on the ground floor.

Those not wishing to go through unlocking their Xperia E's bootloader and flashing an experimental build of a brand new OS can try out Mozilla's own Firefox OS nightly builds on your PC. The nightlies can be acquired here, while more information and instructions can be found here.

For more information on the Xperia E's experimental support (and instructions on downloading/flashing the build), just check out Sony Mobile's developer blog, linked below.

Source: Sony Mobile Developer Blog