There are a few surefire ways to get straight to a consumer's heart, and one of them is nostalgia. People love to be reminded of the good old days, and Sony has done just that, uploading a new Xperia Z spot that will take viewers back to the moon mission, the Berlin wall, roller skating on the beach, and playing video games, all with Sony products.

The ad then continues with a young couple joining in a Holi celebration using the Xperia Z, showing that Sony hasn't abandoned its iconic role in capturing or enhancing your most memorable moments. The video finishes by showing that, after running through plumes of colored powder and revelry, you can simply rinse the phone clean – after all, it's waterproof.

For those interested, Sony has also offered an entertaining "alternate view" (b roll) shot using the Xperia Z and ZL by Director of Photography Brendan Galvin, reminding viewers about Sony's Exmor RS sensors, "the world's first image sensor with HDR video for smartphones."