From the moment it was released, Poweramp has been one of the most beloved music players on Android. While it doesn't have that Google cloud magic, the developer has done a great job of keeping the app fresh with updates. This most recent update really piles on the goodies, too.

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The developer has added some neat features for users of a few select devices. If you're on Android 4.2, Poweramp now has a proper lockscreen widget. There is also experimental support for Samsung's MultiWindow mode, which is cool if you've got a Galaxy Note II or some versions of the Galaxy S III. Check below for the full list of changes:

  • 524: fixed issue with 3rd party skins flashing
  • updated localizations. Huge thanks to all translators!
  • Route Media action bar button (JB 4.1.2+)
  • JB 4.2+ lockscreen widget
  • MusicFX API support (Settings-Audio-Advanced Tweaks)
  • Huawei Dolby Mobile support (where available)
  • full support for skins on JB+
  • experimental multiwindow support for Samsungs
  • Poweramp lockscreen rotation (large screens)
  • fix for playlist/library being reset sometimes
  • few other issues fixed

Of course, Poweramp still has the huge assortment of EQ and playback settings, as well as scrobbling, themes, multiple widgets, and tag editing (among other things). The trial is free, but a license will cost you $3.99.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Developer: Max MP
Price: Free