I'll be honest: I have no idea what's going on in this game. Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny appears to be a pretty basic twin-stick shooter, right up until you notice that your wizened player character is shooting homicidal, spherical animals out of his eye. These critters have powers of their own, including lasers, chainsaws, and explosions. And when you kill enemies, they burst into Batman-style sound effects, which for some reason include "dirigible" and "maple syrup." Also, there's a dog, and you can play fetch with him.

The story behind Towelfight 2 is equally baffling, so let's just talk about the features. There are 40 different critters that you can shoot (and again, I must point out that they're shot out of your face), each with a power-up that changes their ability. These can be selectively applied for each level, along with different monocles and screen-clearing special moves. The campaign mode lasts for 4-8 hours, with a story that goes through various bosses, and a procedurally generated exploration mode can keep you going even longer. Still not enough for you? Then the Arena of Gods mode will let you spend the money that drops in the main game re-fighting the enormous bosses.

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Towelfight 2 is the sequel to the Flash game Towel Fight of the Gods, originally created for the Global Game Jam, in which developers create a working game in under 48 hours. It's a $.99 download in the Play Store, compatible with devices running Android 2.1 and up. That's a lot of bafflement for just a dollar, so get on it quickly - the price goes up to $2.99 after three days.

Towelfight 2
Towelfight 2
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