Sometimes game development just doesn't go as planned. New challenges appear, deadlines are pushed back, and entire projects can end up scrapped. In the case of Protoxide: Death Race, it seemed for a long time like it was dead in the water. Now all of a sudden this title has appeared in the Play Store after about a year and a half of waiting. But if you're in the mood for heavily armed hovercraft, look no further.

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This title invites you to race around the track, grabbing power ups and taking out the competition. There are multiple game modes, including campaigns and free-for-all multiplayer combat. You also get 16 unique tracks across four different environments.

If this game had come out even a year ago, it would have been a top-tier game in the graphics department. Now it might be a little behind the times. Not to say it looks bad, though. If you want to see what all the waiting was about, Protoxide: Death Race is only $0.99.

The app was not found in the store. :-(