Ah, fantasy sports: the Dungeons and Dragons of the jock world. There are more than a few options for you to spend your fantasy money on, but ESPN's seems to be the first that's ready for the 2013 baseball season. So if you've just got to get your lineup ready for the big office matchup weeks in advance of opening day, feel free to download ESPN Fantasy Baseball.

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The app has all the new players, trades, and updated stats that fantasy sports depend on. Picks and match-ups will be synced with ESPN's servers, and you can access all of it through the main web interface. If you're done with your drafts, there's plenty of news to tide you over until your league starts, complete with a TV-style ticker at the bottom of the screen.

It's too bad that the UI of the app is a mess, and has remained so for the last couple of years. It hasn't aged well in the age of HD mobile screens, and plenty of reviews in the Play Store are citing crashes on newer hardware. If you're used to ESPN's system and just want to see updates on the go, the app might be worth your while. Otherwise, you and your league might want to wait for the competitor apps to come out closer to the start of the season.

The app was not found in the store. :-(