If you've got a Sprint Galaxy Victory 4G LTE in your hand, you're no doubt craving a little Jelly Bean, since the budget smartphone launched with Android 4.0 back in September. While Samsung hasn't seen fit to update to the latest Android release (and likely won't for some time), you can still get some spiffy new features via the 4.1 update. Samsung Updates has posted what appears to be the official 4.1.1 over the air update, and it's downloadable right now. The L399VPALJ9 package weighs in at a beefy 370MB.

We haven't heard from Sprint or Samsung on this, so keep in mind that flashing this software to your Victory 4G isn't exactly sanctioned. It's entirely possible that they could add a few last-minute patches and leave you without an upgrade path. For those who want to play it safe, it might be best to wait a few days or weeks for the software to come to you.

If you can't wait (and since you're running software that's eight months out of date, we can't blame you) feel free to hit up the links below. A faster mirror has been provided for your ROM flashing convenience. As usual, the software is provided with no guarantee, and advanced users may lose root. Happy flashing.

Samsung Updates - Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Firmware Archive

Galaxy Victory 4.1.1 L399VPALJ9 Mirror