One-touch games work great on mobile platforms - it's part of the formula that makes endless runners and Angry Birds incredibly popular. Adapting that simplicity to racing takes a little finesse, but developer Crescent Moon Games (creators of the popular Paper Monsters and Aralon games) seems to have managed it. In Slingshot Racing, all the powered sleds go at the same speed and have no steering, so to get ahead, you fire a grappling hook at a corner fulcrum to make the best line through the icy tracks. It's a lot like slot car racing, for you old timers.

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The unique approach definitely takes a little getting used to. Timing the taps to connect and release your line are essential to winning. The Career mode mixes it up with different challenges and tracks, including a car-eating monster. Multiplayer is limited to local games only, with an innovative approach. Up to four color-coded players can race at the same time, each using a different corner of the screen to activate their turning lines. This approach should work great for larger tablets, but perhaps not so much on smartphones of any size.

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Graphics are an appealing mix of top-down perspective and full 3D, with interesting use of visual menus to switch vehicles. 60 stages of varying challenges in Career mode will help you to unlock them. In-app purchases for the fancier sleds seem a little unnecessary, but they're cosmetic only.

Thanks, Dan!

Slingshot Racing
Slingshot Racing
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Price: $0.99+